Situación de Corea del Sur


 En Corea del Sur el ambiente está tranquilo, aunque la Embajada española les ha dado “una guía de emergencia”. 

Entrevista realizada a uno de los estudiantes de la UMA en Incheon, Alex Tellez, estudiante de Ingenieria en Disenio Industrial:


Además un correo electrónico de la universidad de Incheon (a bajo) dice que la tención no afecta a la población.


Greetings from Incheon National University.

I’m Dr. Lee Myungheon, Dean of Office of International Affairs, Incheon National University. I have been serving as Dean of OIA since March, 2013. It is my great pleasure to cooperate with Universidad de Malaga.

We’d like to inform you that despite current political tensions with North Korea there is no specific information to suggest that there are any imminent danger to foreigners in the South Korea (Republic of Korea).

The authorities of S. Korea, international politics specialists, and news reports share the view that it is unlikely that situation would be further aggrevated to cause a real threat to the safety of the people living or staying in our peninsula.

All students from UMA are enrolled in Embassy of Spain, Seoul, Korea to receive the latest information on security issues. On top of that, my Office of International Affairs is paying close attention to updated information and keeping in close contact with the students from UMA.

In case you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me or assistant directors, Ms. Joo ( at any time.

Many thanks to your enthusiasm and support for fruitful relationship between Universidad de Malaga and Incheon National University.





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